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Monkton Farleigh Planning Applications

by trevorcarbin on 12 February, 2018

mfnameRecent planning applications and decisions in Monkton Farleigh.  To look at an application on the WC website, copy the reference number, go to WC planning website,  then paste the reference number into the search box.


18/01337/TCA: The Manor Monkton Farleigh: works to trees: 08/02/2018

17/12362/LBC: Paddock House 8 Bath Road Farleigh Wick: Replacement of first floor master bedroom window with a 20mm double glazed window: 05/01/2018 – permitted.

17/10304/FUL: Fern Cottage 74-75 Monkton Farleigh: alteration to existing Coach House: 30/10/2017 – permitted.

17/10583/LBC: Fern Cottage 74-75 Monkton Farleigh: alteration to existing Coach House: 30/10/2017

17/10196/TCA: 80 – 81 Monkton Farleigh: Fell Cypress Tree: 18/10/2017 – permitted.

17/09641/FUL: 65 Monkton Farleigh: Renewal of Planning Permission of previously permitted scheme W/06/01425/FUL including erection of single storey roof and 2 dormers in main cottage roof :10/10/2017 – permitted.

17/09238/FUL: Farleigh Rise: The retention of a timber storage shed for use in association with the existing agricultural use (growing fruit) and associated bee keeping: 03/10/2017 – permitted.

17/08412/FUL: Midway Place 10 Farleigh Wick: Change of use from C1 (B&B) to C3 (Dwelling): 11/09/2017 – permitted.

17/07292/CLP: 43 Broadstones: Certificate of lawfulness for proposed single storey rear extension: 15/08/2017 -approved.

17/05569/FUL: Peckary Barton Bath Road Farleigh Wick: Proposed refurbishment and extension works to existing dwelling, and a temporary horse shelter for bats accommodation. Proposed wildlife pond: 04/07/2017 – permitted.

17/05623/FUL: Inwoods 3 Bath Road Farleigh Wick: Removal of existing single storey extension, erection of 1 single storey and 1 one and a half storey extension and internal and external remodelling. Reinstatement of building as single dwelling from current two dwellings: 26/06/2017 – permitted.

17/04990/FUL: 30 Pinckney Green Farleigh Wick: Demolition of garages and erection of summer house: 20/06/2017 – permitted.

17/04495/LBC: Paddock House 8 Bath Road Farleigh Wick: Replace the dormer casement window. Replace felt coverings of dormer window with lead sheet: 05/06/2017 – permitted.

17/02105/TCA: St Peter’s Churchyard: Western Red Cedar tree – fell: 02/03/2017 – permitted.

17/01076/TCA: Dolphin Cottage 78 Monkton Farleigh: works to trees: 03/02/2017 – permitted.

16/10375/FUL and 16/10629/LBC: 82 Monkton Farleigh: Works to boundary walls: 01/11/2016 – permitted.

27/6/16 – 16/05469/FUL: The Granary 5 Hayes Wood Farm Farleigh Wick: Demolition of conservatory and replacement with solid roof garden room, alterations to adjacent roof – permitted.

16/04646/TCA: Shell Cottage 82 Monkton Farleigh Bradford: Fell two trees: 17/05/2016 – permitted.

16/02787/FUL: Dry Arch Bath Road Farleigh Wick Wiltshire – Retrospective application for summerhouse – permitted.

16/01161/FUL: Blackberries Camping Park Farleigh Rise: 08/03/2016 Additional 5 pitches at Blackberries Camping Park ; new reception building ; small disabled toilet/shower attached to existing facilities – permitted.

16/01179/FUL and 16/01220/LBC: Shell Cottage 82 Monkton Farleigh: 10/02/2016: Refurbishment and minor alteration and erection of replacement garage – permitted.

15/10619/FUL – Midway Place 10 Bath Road Farleigh Wick: 20/11/2015: Conversion of B&B two units: No1 B&B, No2 residential – permitted.

15/09802/FUL and 15/09826/LBC – 67 Monkton Farleigh : 07/10/2015 : Change of use of former Post Office from retail (A1) to residential (C3) to form additional residential accommodation for 67 Monkton Farleigh. Removal of lean-to, provision of new window and reinstatement of internal doorway – permitted.

15/08507/DP3 – 22/09/2015 – Monkton Farleigh Primary School – Replacement of existing single glazed metal crittal windows with aluminium double glazed units.  Replacement of flat roof area – permitted.

15/08880/TCA – 7/9/15 – Petersfield 86 Monkton Farleigh – works to trees – permitted.

15/08693/TCA – 9/9/15 – St Peter’s Church – works to trees – permitted.

15/05298/FUL and  15/05401/LBC – 5/6/15 – 60 Monkton Farleigh – Additional rooflight in new side lean-to extension – permitted.

15/05313/VAR – 3/6/15 – 84 Monkton Farleigh – Variation of condition 6 of 13/03863/FUL to include a second dormer window on the rear elevation – permitted.

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