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Holt – planning

by trevorcarbin on 5 February, 2018

holtnamTo look at an application on the WC website, copy the reference number, go to WC planning website  then paste the reference number into the search box.


18/01157/FUL: 73 Ground Corner: Replacement roof (with higher ridge). Bedrooms and bathrooms in new roof space: 07/02/2018

18/01100/TPO: 9 Starfield Court Station Road: Yew tree – fell: 01/02/2018

17/11890/FUL: The Severn Project CIC Land North of Little Bradford Wood The Causeway: Erection of agricultural building, the creation of a new opening onto the road; associated hardstanding and access track: 02/01/2018

17/10641/FUL: HY Hedges Bradley Lane: Replacement Garage Roof: 14/12/2017 – permitted.

17/11392/LBC: Holt Farm Ground Corner: Installation of a new bathroom on second floor: 13/12/2017

17/11538/FUL: 373 The Street: Extension to existing kitchen: 12/12/2017 – permitted.

17/12209/TCA: 109 The Midlands: Works to yew trees: 14/12/2017 – permitted.

17/11349/VAR: 381 A Ham Green: Variation of Condition 3 of 16/03909/FUL to allow implementation of this permission prior to the completion of the extensions approved under planning permission ref: 16/03908/FUL: 04/12/2017 – permitted.

17/11606/FUL: Merkins Cafe: Retrospective change of use from a redundant agricultural building to a cafe ( A3 ): 06/12/2017 – permitted.

17/10449/FUL: The Courts: Polytunnel with sliding doors at each end: 21/11/2017 – permitted.

17/11078/FUL: Blackacre Cottage 38 – 40 Leigh Road: Detached oak framed garage with home office above: 20/11/2017 – permitted.

17/10532/FUL: 9 The Spa: Loft conversion to create additional bedroom & en suite with Velux roof lights to front and rear and pitched roof dormer window to rear elevation: 06/11/2017 – permitted.

17/10864/TCA: 1 Beales Barton: Leylandii tree – fell: 06/11/2017 – permitted.

17/10083/CLP: 202 The Common: Loft conversion with rear dormer: 03/11/2017 – permitted.

17/09909/FUL: The Old Milestone Nursery Melksham Road: To widen the access from the main road (B3107) to the property gate: 26/10/2017 – permitted.

17/10161/TCA: Frogmore The Midlands: Pollard weeping willow severely damaged in storm 16 Oct 2017: 23/10/2017

17/10548/TCA: Hamworth 376 The Street: Silver Birch trees – fell: 27/10/2017 – permitted.

17/09042/FUL: 51 Leigh Road: two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and single storey garden room extension: 09/10/2017 – permitted.

17/09048/FUL: 331 The Street: Demolition of Existing Garage & Erection of Side Extension, Rear Extension, Rear Conservatory and Front Porch: 26/09/2017 – permitted.

17/07522/FUL: Trowbridge Sewage Treatment Works Bradford Road Trowbridge: Provision of facilities to allow biogas produced from the treatment of sewage sludge to be upgraded for injection into the national gas grid; to include biomethane upgrade plant, gas flare, grid entry unit, underground propane storage tank, electrical transformer, water booster pump, injection and feed pipes and spares storage container. Formation of new car park and skip storage area within operational site: 18/09/2017 – permitted.

17/08767/FUL: Land North of Little Bradford Wood The Causeway: Erection of an Agricultural Building and an above ground reservoir and associated Hard Standing: 19/09/2017

17/08179/FUL: Trowbridge Sewage Treatment Works: Wessex Water: Installation of 2 Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) kiosks to house control plant and equipment within existing Sewage Treatment Works: 06/09/2017 – permitted.

17/07967/TPO: 3 Chestnut Corner: Horse Chestnut – Fell: 15/08/2017 – permitted.

17/07033/FUL: 286 Bradley Lane: Replacement of existing conservatory with a larger single storey conservatory at the rear of the property: 02/08/2017 – permitted.

17/05981/FUL: 7 Great Parks: Loft conversion with rear and front dormer and front roof lights, replace rear conservatory with new extension, side wood store and shed, replace front porch, alterations to existing fenestration, replace garden shed with garden studio: 18/07/2017 – permitted.

17/06345/FUL: 169 The Common: Reconfiguring ground floor layout of existing building to allow entrance to be moved from the pavement to driveway. Convert bedroom on first floor to family bathroom and shower room. Demolish existing single story bathroom and stores at rear of house and construct a new kitchen and dining room with new bedroom over kitchen to replace bedroom converted to bathroom and shower room: 13/07/2017 – permitted.

17/05830/TCA: 323 Station Road – works to trees: 16/06/2017 – permitted.

17/04956/FUL: 199 The Common: Front porch extension: 9/6/17 – permitted.

17/03787/FUL: 393 Ham Green: Refurbishment and re-ordering of detached dwelling to include works to fenestration, a new link dormer, external steps to garage, cladding to rear elevation and new rear portico: 15/05/2017 – permitted.

17/04208/FUL: 181 The Common: Single storey rear extension: 16/05/2017 – permitted.

17/03614/FUL: Glove Factory Studios: Change of use from temporary contractors’ compound to overflow car park, associated boundary treatment, and storage container (retrospective) erection of storage shed (retrospective) and erection of store/event servery (proposed): 08/05/2017 – permitted.

17/02858/FUL: Land off Melksham Road: Provision of all weather exercise area: 25/04/2017 – permitted. 

17/03306/VAR: Avonview House The Star: Variation of condition 3 of planning permission W/09/03059/FUL to allow for the annexe to be let seperately from the main dwelling: 25/04/2017 – permitted. 

17/03307/VAR: Avonview House The Star: Variation of condition 6 of planning permission W/10/01147/FUL to allow for the barn to be let on a permanent basis: 25/04/2017 – permitted.

17/02634/FUL: 47 Little Parks: The erection of a single-storey rear extension: 29/03/2017 – permitted.

17/01663/FUL: 360 The Walk: Removal of two single storey, lean-to extensions & replace with two new single storey extensions: 10/03/2017 – permitted.

17/01104/FUL: 104 The Street: Two storey side extension and single storey rear extension: 23/02/2017 – permitted.

17/01037/CLE: Hunts Hall Farm Leigh Road: Certificate of lawfulness for alterations to agricultural buildings – permitted.

17/01058/FUL: 72 Ground Corner: Rear conservatory: 07/02/2017 – permitted.

17/00398/FUL: 5 Great Parks: Construction of additional flat roofed dormer at front of dwelling: 01/02/2017 – permitted.

17/00635/FUL: 360 The Walk: Retrospective application for fencing in excess of 2m to rear boundary: 03/02/2017 – refused – appeal submitted..

17/00250/FUL: Annexe 98 The Street: Change of use of Annexe to separate self contained dwelling (retrospective): 27/01/2017 – permitted.

17/00431/CLP: 47 Little Parks: Certificate of lawfulness for proposed single storey rear extension: 26/01/2017: Refused 13/03/2017.

17/00437/FUL: 89 The Street: Remove conifer hedge and replace with timber feather edge fence: 25/01/2017 – refused.  Appeal submitted.

16/12251/FUL: 23 Leigh Road: Erection of a balcony extension to second floor rear elevation: 19/01/2017 – permitted.

16/12280/TCA: 3 Beales Barton: works to trees: 16/12/2016 – permitted.

16/11432/FUL: 281 The Common: First floor rear extension: 05/12/2016 – permitted.

16/07717/FUL: 3 Nibbs Terrace: Insertion of one window in the front wall of the house at ground floor level: 28/11/2016 – permitted.

16/11688/TCA: Thurles Ham Lane: (1) – Portugese Laurel – fell. (2) – Holly – fell: 30/11/2016 – permitted.

16/10492/FUL and 16/10723/LBC: The Courts: To install a new 9m span footbridge to the dye pond in place of two small flat bridges including realigning existing path to fit: 15/11/2016 – permitted.

16/10536/FUL: Land North of Little Bradford Wood The Causeway: Erection of an agricultural building and an above ground reservoir and the creation of an access track and associated hard standing: 08/11/2016 – refused.

16/10820/FUL: 278 The Gravel: Erection of small new build two bedroom home (Resubmission of 15/10812/FUL): 10/11/2016

16/10282/FUL: 7 Acres Land off Melksham Road: Use of existing barn for equestrian purposes and retention of existing building: 01/11/2016 – permitted.

16/10387/FUL: 98D The Street: Front lean-to porch, cloakroom and rear lean-to garden room: 01/11/2016 – permitted.

16/10393/FUL: Manor Farm Bradford Road: Conversion of existing barn into 5 bedroom dwelling with ancillary parking: 02/11/2016 – permitted.

16/09992/TCA: National Trust The Courts: works to trees: 20/10/2016 – permitted.

16/08867/FUL: Land Opposite the Cemetery Holt Road Bradford On Avon: Change of use from land currently used as pasture to a cemetery extension: 27/09/2016

16/07966/FUL: 21 Leigh Road: single storey extension to bungalow: 20/09/2016 – permitted.

16/08615/FUL: 375 The Street: Removal of existing PVC conservatory and new rear extension: 20/09/2016 – permitted.

16/08041/LBC and 16/08375/FUL: 71 Ham Green: Replacement Rear Entrance Extension, Replacement Windows, New Rooflights,Internal reconfiguration for New Kitchen: 13/09/2016 – permitted.

16/08950/TPO: 9 Starfield Court: Yew tree – reduce crown by approx 50%: 14/09/2016 – permitted.

16/07689/AGD: Ingleside Station Road: Construction of an agricultural barn for the storage of farm machinery and farm materials: 30/08/2016

16/07605/FUL: 393 Ham Green: Change proposed coating of the reconstructed stone (Bradstone) on the rear two-storey section of the property (from the approved render, part of Permission W/10/02744/FUL), to Marley Eternit, Cedral Click Grey (CC05): 24/08/2016 – permitted.

16/06710/FUL: 7 Little Parks Holt: Erection of 1.83 metre high “Bradstone” wall, 100mm wide with supporting piers (if required) 2.5 metres from boundary, and extension to wooden fence panelling & posts on boundary adjoining Number 5 Little Parks: 22/08/2016 -permitted.

16/07636/FUL: Bradley Farm: Conversion of existing farm buildings to 3 holiday cottages; parking and garden area and associated works: 18/08/2016 – permitted.

16/07902/TCA: 1 Beales Barton: Remove two Leylandii hedges and reduce height of a third: 16/08/2016 – permitted.

16/07954/TCA: Cherrywood 4 Beales Barton: Fell one Cherry tree and trim back a second Cherry tree: 17/08/2016 – permitted.

16/07582/TCA: 20 The Elms Holly Tree – Remove: 03/08/2016 – permitted.

16/06808/LBC and 16/07335/FUL: 353 The Walk: The National Trust: Proposed Internal alterations & change of use to facilitate two units consisting of residential & office space: 29/07/2016 – permitted.

16/06610/FUL: Orchard House 46 A Leigh Road: Single storey side extension and modifications to west elevation and roof form: 28/07/2016 – permitted.

16/06809/TCA: Ham Green: Red Oak tree – fell: 15/07/2016 – permitted.

16/04490/FUL: Firlawn Nursing HomeDemolition of part of existing nursing home, single storey and two storey extensions on nursing home (Resubmission of W13/01042/FUL): 14/06/2016 – permitted.

16/04252/FUL: 392 A Ham Green: detached garage – refused.

16/03908/FUL: The Coach House 386 A Ham Green: Change of use including extension and alteration from dwelling to Church meeting rooms (resubmission 16/01246/FUL) – permitted.

16/03909/FUL: 381a Ham Green Holt : Reinstatement of former ground floor flat removing the existing Church meeting room use – permitted.

16/03471/FUL – 3 Little Parks: Demolition of existing conservatory and construction of single storey rear extension – permitted.

16/03511/TCA: 12/4/16 – Hope Cottage 322 Station Road – works to trees – permitted.

16/02970/TCA: 24/3/16 – Land to right of Access Road – The Midlands Industrial Estate – works to trees – permitted.

16/01776/FUL: 11 Great Parks Holt; 03/03/2016: Construction of conservatory – permitted.

16/01839/FUL: HY Hedges Bradley Lane: 01/03/2016: To replace existing garage flat roof with a pitched tiled – permitted.

16/01306/OUT: The Old Tannery Site The Midlands: 25/02/2016: Hybrid planning application seeking outline for the redevelopment of the site for C3 (housing) together with access, parking and landscaping; and full planning for the redevelopment, renovation and extension of the existing buildings and their use for A1, A3, B1, C3 (housing), D1 and D2 uses.

16/01494/FUL: 398 Ham Green: 24/02/2016: Overcladding and rendering of external walls, Replacement windows and new window openings, Extend pitched roof over flat roof garage, Bi-fold doors to rear of property – permitted.

16/01246/FUL: The Coach House 386A Ham Green: 19/02/2016: Change of use and conversion of artist’s studio to church meeting rooms – withdrawn.

16/00977/TCA: Holt Recreation Ground: 05/02/2016l: Works to trees – permitted.

16/00557/TCA: 375 The Street: 20/01/2016: works to trees – permitted.

16/00297/TCA: 110 The Midlands: 13/01/2016: Various Tree Works – permitted.

16/00008/FUL: 16 Hawcroft: 11/01/2016: Single storey extension to rear, two storey extension to side and raise garage roof – permitted.

15/12477/TCA: Berry Cottage Bradley Lane: 21/12/2015 – Beech – reduce 3 overhanging branches on top – permitted.

15/12215/FUL and 15/12396/LBC – Leigh Grange Leigh Road: 17/12/2015: Proposed oak framed orangery – permitted.

15/12342/TCA: Beak House 365 The Street: 14/12/2015l: Apple tree – remove all dead and diseased branches and reduce tree overall by approx 30% – permitted.

15/10782/FUL – 216 B Gipsy Lane: 18/11/2015: 3 bay wooden garage – permitted.

15/10887/TCA: 1 Beales Barton – 9/11/15 – works to trees – permitted.

15/10812/FUL: 278 The Gravel: 11/11/2015: Two bedroom dwelling

15/10739/FUL: 324 Station Road: 04/11/2015: Garage extension, roof alterations and interior remodelling – permitted.

15/10409/FUL: 6 Beckerley Lane: 22/10/2015: Single storey extension and front extension – permitted.

15/10018/TPO: Woodmand – 16/10/2015: T1844, Weeping Willow – pollard at 8m – permitted.

15/10017/TCA: The Elms : 13/10/2015 – works to trees – permitted.

15/09978/FUL and 15/10028/LBC : 349 The Street Holt : 09/10/2015 : Conversion of annex to one bedroom dwelling – permitted.

15/09886/TCA – 376 The Street : 05/10/2015 – works to trees – permitted.

15/09390/TCA – 21/09/2015 –  The Courts – works to trees – permitted.

15/09224/FUL – 21/09/2015 – 212 The Common – Two storey rear extension – permitted.

15/08771/LBC – 127 The Midlands Holt – 14/09/2015 – Replacement of old boiler, conversion to condensing type combi boiler with vent through wall – permitted.

15/08845/LBC – Holt Farm Ground Corner – 10/09/2015 – Internal alterations and upgrading to first floor and attic of west wing – permitted.

15/07550/FUL – 291b Bradley Lane – 21/08/2015 – conversion of garage into ancillary accommodation – permitted.

15/07559/LBC 365 The Street – 04/08/2015 – Like for like replacement of 7 single glazed sash semi-hardwood white painted windows – permitted.

15/07158/FUL – 291A Bradley Lane – 27/07/2015 – Two storey and porch extension – permitted.

15/06723/FUL –  7 Midlands Industrial Estate – 17/07/2015 – Insertion of three windows in the northern elevation of Unit 7 – permitted.

15/06486/FUL – 7/7/15 – Hy Hedges Bradley Lane – Rear single storey Sun Lounge – permitted.

15/06560/FUL – 8/7/15 – Bridge House 351 The Street – Removal of two existing wooden sheds and replacement with a single larger wooden structure for use as garden storage – permitted.

15/06342/TCA – 30/6/15 – 106 The Street – Fell Copper Beech in front garden – permitted.

15/06093/FUL – 23/6/15 – 17 The Spa – Velux window installations to convert the existing loft space into a habitable room with en-suite – permitted.

15/05507/VAR – 9/6/15 – Holt Primary School – Removal of Condition 4 on planning application 14/12030/DP3.

15/04827/FUL – 1/6/15 – 157 The Common – Demolition of existing single storey kitchen and bathroom and construction of new two storey extension.  Construction of new garage to replace demolished lean-to garage – permitted.

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